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Below you’ll find hard hitting news on local, national and international matters including the 2010 midterm elections, local budget cuts and presidential visits. All pieces were published on Annenberg TV News (ATVN), USC’s television-multimedia news operation, website and Neon Tommy, a web-only, Los Angeles-based news source sponsored by the USC Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism.


2010 Midterm Elections

Sheriff Lee Baca urges Californians to vote Yes on Prop. 22 (video)
The City of El Monte held a press conference Thursday morning urging Sacramento to stop state raids
Celebrities speak out, tell Californians
to vote Yes on Prop 19
Celebrities and activist tell their reasons why Prop 19 should be passed
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  Brown V. Whitman: Today In The California Governor’s Race, Oct. 5
California gubernatorial candidates canceled their appearance on today’s long-anticipated radio debate in San Francisco’s local radio station, KGO, with host Ronn Owens.
Boxer V. Fiorina: Today In California’s Senate Race. Oct. 12
It’s finally clear why Carly Fiorina won’t be joining Sarah Palin at a Republican National Committee Fundraiser in California this week: she’ll be campaigning with John McCain, instead.
Univision Refuses To Air Ad Telling Latinos To Not Vote, Democrats Say It Is An Attack On The Party
An ad urging Latino not to vote was yanked from Univision airwaves amid outcries from Democrats saying it was a dirty trick against Dem. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.
  UPDATED: Hospitalized Fiorina Said To Make A Quick And Full Recovery
Carly Fiorina, the Republican candidate for California senator, is expected to recover completely and quickly from an infection, her campaign officials reported.
One-Third Of Voters May Still Switch Candidates
Many people have still not decided on a choice for the Nov. 2 congressional elections, according to the Associated Press.

Special Coverage


President Obama holds rally at USC
President Obama urges students, Angelenos to vote in the upcoming election (video)
The president says if people don’t vote, education funds will be cut even more
More than 300 student Democrats join together to attend rally (video)
Democrats from various universities came together Friday for Obama’s speech
500 Volunteers welcome campus visitors (video)
Volunteers flood campus to support Obama and lobby for change

C.L. Max Nikias is officially inaugurated as USC’s new president

C.L. Max Nikias is inaugurated as USC’s new president (video)
President Nikias was officially inaugurated Friday, and delegates from around the world joined the celebration.
  USC’s faculty marched to Alumni Park for the historic inauguration (video)
USC faculty formed a procession for President Nikias’ inauguration.

Local & Regional

Protestors Unite To Fight Education Budget Cuts (video)
The Los Angeles March 4th Committee rallied outside of LAUSD headquarters Thursday afternoon
Neon Tommy
LAUSD Budget Cuts Lead To A Shorter School Year
For many Los Angeles schools, the start of the school year has been pushed back, leaving teachers and administrators worried about the effects it will have on students’ education.
Two Weeks Later, Ex-City Of Bell Administrator Released From Jail On A $2-Million Bail
Just two weeks after being arrested for public corruption, ex-city administrator Robert Rizzo was released from jail before midnight on Wednesday.


State – Neon Tommy

California Community Colleges Hit Hard By Budget Cuts, Funding Delays
Teachers and students across the country will participate in the national walk-out/teach-in day Thursday, protesting recent education budget problems.
Marijuana Is California’s Largest Cash Crop, Worth About $14-Billion
Marijuana is the largest cash crop in the United States coming in at an estimate of $35.8 billion a year, but in California alone, the value of its 8.6 million-pound harvest is worth about $14 billion.



Former U.S. Homeland Security Secretary said risk cannot be eliminated, only controlled (video)
Audience members were told that Al Quaida is not the only threat to the U.S., South Asia is too
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Jobless Claims Are On The Rise Again
According to a report released by the U.S. Labour Department, the number of Americans filing for first-time unemployment benefits rose an additional 13,000 to a seasonal adjusted total of 462,000.


International –Neon Tommy

  Fidel Says Comments On Cuban Model Were Misinterpreted
Earlier this month, Jeffrey Goldberg, national correspondent for the Atlantic magazine, traveled to Cuba, where he was invited by Fidel Castro himself to discuss a recent article he had written focusing on Iran’s nuclear program.
Drug Wars In Mexico Leave American Latinos In A Sticky Situation (video)
Media coverage on the drug cartels has increased extensively the last couple of months.
UPDATED: French Senate Will Vote Wednesday On Pres. Sarkozy’s Retirement Plan
French senators will vote as soon as Wednesday to approve President Nicolas Sarkozy’s plan to raise the retirement age as fuel shortages resulting from strikes worsened and some protestors turned violent.


Opinion – Neon Tommy

  President Obama’s USC Visit: Just Another Way To Get The Young Vote
“Rally with President Obama at USC.” “President Obama will be at USC on Friday.”
Race For California Or Race For The Best Attack Ad?
Gubernatorial attack ads?

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