Here you can find event recaps Cynthia wrote for many of the Latina/o Student Assembly 2011 – 2012 events. Some go into great detail while others are more of an overview. You can also view where the event recaps are located here.

  Welcome, New Theme
  LSA Second Annual Member Org Retreat
  Urban Community Impact: Immigration
  Latin American Independence Day
  Ambulante Film Festival
  LA Power Trip: El Pueblo de Los Angeles
  Latino Leaders Fireside Chat: Mónica García
  Late Night Art Project
  El Centro / LSA Alumni Mixer
  Inspirational Conversations with Alumni
  6th Annual Mocktails
  International Food Fair
  Trojan Dance Marathon
  The Politics of Memory on Screen: 21st-Century Latin America and Spain
  Latino Trojan Family Reunion
  LOFT Entertainment Bootcamp
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