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The Public Relations undergraduate degree program at USC is intensive and gives students the chance to build, re-build and tailor skills. The class load consists of two journalism writing courses (broadcast, print), two PR writing courses, PR overview, journalism overview, research and analysis, advance PR and social ethics (these last two will be taken in Cynthia’s final semester at USC).

Here, we plan on showcasing two courses: PR writing. You can see Cynthia’s journalism writing here.

The two writing courses at USC had students practice writing various press releases, media alerts, biographies, fact sheets, feature stories, brochures, newsletters, social media alerts, and much more. Cynthia has many pieces from both classes, but, instead, she will show you the final projects.

JOUR 351A – Public Relations Media (write to the media)

The final project for this class was an entire press kit. Cynthia dedicated her project to a friend. He’s a musician and a Pop Major at USC Thorton School of Music. Below you will find the contents of the kit, including each documents PDF format.

Kit Logo

Press Kit Logo

News Release

Everybody Deserves Music_NewsRelease (PDF)

Media Alert

LA Mission_Media Advisory (PDF)

MusicForYouth_Advisory (PDF)


Short Biography (PDF)

Long Biography (PDF)

Feature Story

Flora_Feature Story PDF

Fact Sheets

Fast Facts_Fact Sheet (PDF)

Flora_Lyrics (PDF)

What Fans Have to Say (PDF)

VideoNewsRelease_FactSheet (PDF) – this is a script of what the video would have looked like.

CD Case

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Social Media

BlogPostSample (PDF)

Facebook & Twitter – In slideshow below

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Photos from a USC Latina/o Student Assembly Event: Late Night Art Project

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JOUR 351B – Public Relations Media (write for the media)

For the final project students had the choice to create a brochure, e-brochure, newsletter, e-newsletter or a hybrid. Cynthia decided to create a brochure for the USC Annenberg Innovation Lab. The purpose of the brochure was for students to know more about the lab and what it has to offer.

Note, as a hard copy, this brochure is cut out in an ‘A’ and the pages flip vertically.

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Any additional material can be provided upon request, here.