At USC Stevens Center for Innovation, Cynthia has been able to work on the center’s website. Every day in the office she works on some aspect of the website, and just recently, USC Stevens has changed its name, thus having to change and update the website. Below you will find examples of projects she constantly work on at USC Stevens.

Here’s the link to the USC Stevens website:

Here’s a glance of what you will see below:

  • Events
  • Events Profiles
  • Newsbites
  • Innovator Profiles
  • Home Page

Note, you can find more website work under the main events highlighted on the site.


If its an event thrown by USC Stevens or a local/USC event that USC Stevens knows is beneficial to USC students, faculty and staff interested in innovation, startups and entrepreneurship, they add these events to their main calendar.


Events Profiles

Some events are very beneficial to their audience and/or are put on by USC Stevens or are a collaborative effort between USC Stevens and an outside organization. In that case, they add the event to the calendar and it gets added to the Newsbites Page here.

Example of profiled event. (CB)

Example of profiled event. (CB)



Articles that are relevant to their audience, are of individuals they have worked with before or are about USC Stevens, are posted on their website, here.

For example, this article below from Forbes, features Tracy Lawrence (Founder & CEO, Chewse) who was the 2010 winner of the “Most Innovative” Award at the USC Student Innovator Showcase! Chewse connects students with over 25 local food vendors through their website and mobile application. To view the article, click here.

1. Forbes Article a 2. Forbes Article b


Innovator Profiles

At USC Stevens, they like to feature innovators across USC disciplines. They focus on faculty, staff and students. Recently, Cynthia posted two new profiles from the 2012 USC Student Innovator Showcase 10 finalists, which are featured below. You can find the rest of the profiles here.

Below you will find profiles on Matt Lucido, founder of Overlap – a smart bookmarking for places – and Ryan Cabral, co-founder of Hightide Handplanes, original bodysurfing handplanes.

View Matt’s profile here.  View Ryan’s profile here.


Home Page

Many would assume that the home page would be the first on the website list, but it actually depends on three of the previously mentioned sections on the website. As you will see in a moment, the home page changes periodically. USC Stevens feature news, events and profiles on the homepage. See below and here.

USC Stevens home page. (CB)

USC Stevens home page. (CB)