2012 USC Student Innovator Showcase

The largest fall student event put on by USC Stevens is the USC Student Innovator Showcase. The showcase brings students together from across all disciplines at USC to pitch their projects in front of parents, peers and established entrepreneurs. It is a way for students to get pitching experience and their foot in the door towards the right direction.

For the 2012 showcase, Cynthia was the student outreach coordinator. What did that entail? Cynthia was in charge of getting information out to students in order to get applicants (she was able to get over 100 applicants, the first double digit record for USC Stevens) and of the 30 teams selected to the showcase, Cynthia was in charge of getting them ready for the program and was their point of contact.

Cynthia wrote extensive emails and documents with information for the students. She constantly kept them up-to-date and was on-top of getting information that she needed from them for the showcase program.

In addition, Cynthia helped with the showcase logistics and of the website and outreach verbage. Below you will find examples of some of the work that was put into the event.

More material is available upon request.

  • Website
  • Collateral
    • Outreach (MY.USC.EDU and Annenberg Innovation Lab Newsletter)
    • Sample Document for Students
    • Sample Document for Judges
  • Design



2012 USC Student Innovator Showcase Landing Page – View the page here or below.

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Outreach: MY.USC.EDU — student portal

my.usc post #2

Outreach – USC Annenberg Innovation Lab Newsletter


Sample Document Distributed to Showcase Participants: Student Checklist

Student Checklist_website (PDF)

Sample Document for Judges and Advisory Board Members: Student Innovator Showcase History

SIS History (PDF)

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USC Stevens One Pager

Informational Flyer

Table Signs

SIS Table Sign

Directions (sample)