2011 USC Student Innovator Showcase

At USC Stevens, the 2011 USC Student Innovator Showcase was the first of many events Cynthia worked on. She mainly did administrative work, such as cleaning up emails, fixing and updating the website landing page for the event and, on the side, worked on editing together the final pitches (which included creating the lower-thirds).

The day of the event, she was a runner and helped in any way possible. Below you will find the website pages she worked on and the videos she put together for the event.

You will find the following information on this page:

  • Website
  • Videos
  • Design



For the 2011 USC Student Innovator Showcase, Cynthia updated the landing page. The landing page consists of a blurb of the event, the winners, the event program and photo album. At times, the event was covered by media, so that gets added as well. You can view the landing page here, or see below.

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Cynthia was originally hired as the multimedia student associate at USC Stevens (but was later promoted). For the showcase, Cynthia edited together the final 10 pitches of the competition and created the lower thirds for the videos. Here’s the link to the playlist on YouTube and you can see the 10 finalist below with the link to their videos.

YouTube Playlist link: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLB18321E95400DC2C

Final Pitches (click on the names below to watch the video)



Fountain Insert



That’s Suspicious Behavior


Sonic Edge




In addition, Cynthia had to create the lower thirds for the videos using Adobe Illustrator. Here are some examples.

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